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It’s that time a year again; the time where every mom is getting ready for the fall season and with fall comes Halloween. Those spooky little ghosts and flashy little pumpkins are just the beginning of Halloween activities for young kids that will one day be a cherished item. For those of you who do not celebrate Halloween please keep reading, because I have not forgotten about you.

As we all know children love to create. As a parent, we want our children to show how creative they can be. That creativity starts with us; we are our children’s first teacher. Even when we think we are not creative, just a simple stroke of a crayon or a crumple of a piece of paper can come alive and become a masterpiece.

Are you a mom who worries about ruining clothes, carpet or other flooring when it comes to crafting? Well, you don’t need to be. Grab an old shirt from your closet and use it as a smock in keeping clothes clean. Set up a table for crafting outside when weather is permitting. Newspaper spread out on the floor makes a perfect floor covering for messier projects.

For those moms who do not believe they have any creativity in them; now’s the time to begin researching the internet for craft ideas. There are loads of websites filled with wonderful ideas just for you. Once you find age appropriate crafts, gather the supplies and set out in creating a trial run project. If there are several steps, the trial run will show if you need to modify the project for your little one. You do not want to be up to your elbows in crafting when you realize something needs to be changed.

Halloween activities for young children are endless. For the tiniest of tots in your life a simple painted handprint or footprint decorated with some fall colored tissue paper will be lovely in a frame. A piece of white paper and fall colored crayons are just the beginning of a cherished art project.

Still need a little convincing? Why not look at this simple handprint spider craft? This is a project that is simple enough for anyone to make, without making a mess. Washable paint would be best for this project. What about this cute ghost mobile? All you need are paper, paper plates, string, scissors and a black marker for several minutes of creativity. Feeling a little brave on allowing your little one to be more independent with painting? This little jack-o-lantern is the perfect  crafting activity.

For the moms who do not celebrate Halloween, fall is the perfect time for pumpkins, scarecrows, owls and falling leaves.  Painting a real pumpkin is a great way to decorate and it inspires creativity. Scarecrows are the less intimidating version of Halloween. Why not make a shapes scarecrow? We all love owls and their hoots; making a handprint owl as a yearly tradition shows just how your child has grown over the year.  Without falling leaves, you can’t have fall. Why not trace your child’s hand and forearm onto brown paper and cut it out and have your child glue it to another piece of paper along with colored tissue paper.

No matter what you choose to do with your children, encourage their creativity. Halloween activities for young kids is just one way to spark a fire in the creative field of your child. One day they will thank you for being a crafty mom.

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